Top 10 Social Media Websites

Because of the internet, the world has become a smaller place. Everything is just a click away from you. Now with the introduction of social networking, one has the information at his fingertips. The big shift from computer to smart phones has made everything even much more convenient. You can have access to any kind of information anywhere anytime you like. As the time has passed there has also been a great change in the social media websites.

1. Facebook


It is pretty obvious that Facebook is undisputedly on the top of the list. It has a billion of users. Even though the website has been on the net since a long time now, but it’s becoming even more popular as the time is passing by. We still have to see that how many years will it take for Facebook to eventually come down to a lower place in the list of the social networking websites. You can share, you can like, you can comment on this networking website. And Facebook has not failed to surprise us.

2. Twitter


Twitter has brought some really big changes with the passage of time. It is one of the biggest source of news and information sharing. The celebrities and politicians and important personalities are seen on the twitter, sharing their opinions as well as views. This website is ideal for people who want a good social networking sites on their smart phones, and at their fingertips.

3. Google Plus

Google Plus

The Google Plus is a social networking website launched by the search engine giant Google. However much time hasn’t passed since its launch, but it has gained much popularity in the social networking world. Even though the giant launched Google Buzz as well as Google Wave at first to make its debut in the social world, but failed big time. But with Google Plus, Google has finally succeeded.

4. YouTube


Who doesn’t know about YouTube? We all like watching videos online don’t we? After Google, YouTube is the second largest most sued search engine in the world. Google is the owner of YouTube now and Google has made it available in your Google Plus accounts. But you can still use this website separately, as it still has a separate network of its own. Music Sharing, Video Production, Video Sharing, And even business marketing is done using this social media website.

5. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is basically a platform for people who want to have professional connections. LinkedIn is known to be a social network that might flourish your career. You can promote your business, yourself, your education, your expertise as well as your experiences. This will help you stay in contact with other professionals as well and also make a PR amongst these professionals. Using LinkedIn you can also find your employees, or look for a job of your choice.

6. Instagram

Instagram shared-per-day/

This social media networking site has gained much popularity in the past few years. Pictures and pictures everywhere. It’s the best social website for picture sharing using your smart phones. It is no doubt one of the best network if you want to tell your story through pictures. The application was at first only for iOS users, but it has now become available to the Android and the windows Phone users as well.

7. Pinterest


Pinterest is also one of the best social networking websites. Visual content has gained much popularity in recent years. Pinterest offers a platform for laptop users as well as Smartphone users, to collect images from different categories and pin them on your board. Everything you want to see, you will see it on pinterest. It also has a smartphone application, hence you can pin your favorite pictures through your mobile phone as well.

8. Tumblr


Well, who hasn’t heard the name of Tumblr. Tumblr is mostly popular amongst the teens, who blog on it. It’s a blogging platform, and is also very popular for sharing visual things. There are options available to personalize your blog themes, and different posts to different formats. Moreover, it also has the option to follow other users of the Tumblr. All you need to do is post a lot of good things on your Tumblr and you will get a lot of followers.  

9. Vine


This is an application which is owned by Twitter, and is very popular amongst the Smartphone users. You can embed the videos online directly using vine on Twitter. There are also Instagram videos, however many people prefer using vine rather than Instagram. However the videos are limited to only 6 seconds, but that doesn’t stop people from using this application.

10. SnapChat


Like many other instant chat messenger, Snap chat is also a social networking website used for sending instant message. But it’s all mobile based. You take short videos, pictures known as snaps to send to your friends. Basically this app allows you to chat with your friends using pictures. These pictures then automatically get deleted after you view them unless they are saved that instant. It’s an application which is gaining more and more popularity amongst the teens, who are obsessed with taking pictures and selfies. 

Top 10 Social Media Websites Top 10 Social Media Websites