When it comes to technology, laptops are booming nowadays. Variety is seen in the market and all vary according to their price. Some laptops are affordable and some are out of reach for an ordinary man. Here in this article, we are going to list out the top expensive laptops of the day.
Following is the list:

1. Luvaglio


Luvaglio is the world’s most expensive laptop. Its price is round about $:1,000,000. There is a team of expert designers who worked for Luvaglio Company. This company comes up with outstanding machinery in order to produce classy pieces. You can surely ask for customization for the body of this laptop. The creators give options for body like white gold, leather or diamonds, etc. It is totally up to the buyer to choose the body material. You can also choose rare stones and jewels to accent the device. Creators offer rare color diamonds to use as a security as well as a power button. Customization is the reason behind its heart stopping price. If we talk about its screen, then we come to know that it has 17 inch LED screen with Blue Ray drive and reflective glare. An integrated device for self cleaning is also present.

2. Tulip E-Go Diamond

Tulip E-Go Diamond

Tulip E-Go Diamond is the second most expensive laptop in the world. Its price is $350,000. This master piece is inlaid with plates of different white gold.  Thousands of brilliant cut flawless diamonds are used to serve the decor purpose. A very beautiful square cut ruby is seen in Tulip logos. Basically, this laptop is made for those women who want to have a portable device in the form of fashion accessory.  Its E-Go diamond serves this purpose for women because due to this E-Go diamond the laptop looks like a classy purse than a laptop. E-Go is the short form for ‘Easy going’. We can easily change its cover because a variety of free covers are provided by the company with the machine. A very famous jewelry designer named, Laurent de Beer worked very close with the department of Tulip design in order to bring out this dashing piece.

3. Mac Book Pro

Mac Book Pro

Mac Book Pro is on third number of this list. Its price is $30,000.  24 karat gold is used on this laptop. Computer choppers have customized this piece. Computer choppers is a company that personalize different high technology gadgets, like iPads, laptops etc. They covered this Mac Book Pro in 24 karat gold. We can see the official logo of Apple Company which is decorated with different multi-colored diamonds. Company released very limited number of this product. Its same version is also offered in Mac Book Air.

4. Ego for Bentley

Ego for Bentley

It is on fourth number with price of $20,000. A British car making company united with Ego for the manufacturing of this master machine. Such a sizzling computer is not made with the help of machines. It is handmade. A special authentic diamond stitched leather is used for dressing. White gold brought into use for making of its frames. Only 250 pieces are manufactured by the company.

5. Voodoo Envy 171

Voodoo Envy 171

Voodoo Envy is the fifth most expensive laptop in the world. Its price is $6,500. This dashing piece is owned by Hewlett Packard. This laptop is more than an ordinary laptop and is geared towards designers and engineers. Highly ended specs are offered by this masterpiece. Buyers can pick the paint of their own choice and can make any customized tattoo also. This company has been producing no more products since 2002

6. Stealth Mac Book Pro

Stealth Mac Book Pro

It is on sixth number. Its price is $6,000. This 15 inch Mac Book Pro was limited edition produced in all-black. The name Stealth is given to this product because of its comparison to Stealth Bomber. This comparison stops because it has inner workings of Mac Book Pro. A regular Mac Book Pro can easily be found everywhere, but its Stealth version is only ten in number.

7. Dell M6800 Mobile Precision

Dell M6800 Mobile Precision

It is on seventh number having price $3,800. Extreme processing capabilities are offered by Dell M6800. High end graphics such as 3D rendering come under the heading of this model. You can do multiple tasks with the help of a single swipe because of its special touch display. Dell Control Vault and top security options prove this product as a unique one. This sparkling piece is also available for buyers in ‘Covet’ edition.

8. Alien ware 18

Alien ware 18

It is on eighth number with price $3,600. This is designed with dual graphics for those who are passionate gamers. Windows 8.1 Pro is running in this dazzling system along with the Intel Core i7 processor. This machine is billed as ‘Monster gaming powerhouse’ by Alien ware. Sound engineers certified its speakers. Dolby Home Theater software also comes under its features heading. All these specs make this machine super fine for enjoying sound media and gaming. 

9. Acer Ferrari 1100

Acer Ferrari 1100

It is on ninth number with a price tag of $:3,000. It has grey and black racing pattern along with a yellow Ferrari insignia in the centre. Glossy grey accents and jet black is given to this product in order to have its sleek feel. Carbon fiber chassis is used for manufacturing its casing. For the sake of giving it the look of Ferrari, bright power button is present, which looks like the ignition of a car.

10. Lenovo ThinkPad W540

Lenovo ThinkPad W540

Lenovo ThinkPad is on tenth number having a price of $:2,300. This master blaster has 15.5 inch large screen with thickness of 1.1 inches. Its weight is only 5.45 pounds. Its legendary keyboard has won different awards due to its spill resistant and full sized features. High streaming performance and high resolution display are the words its specs are tagged with. To make for an easy access, the machine has a fingerprint reader. Its cutting edge design is so stylish that it won almost 100 awards in this regard.