10 Try Disgusting Facts about Life in Ancient Egypt

When people hear of ancient Egypt, all they think of are men building pyramids and powerful pharaohs with large stallions. However, there are very disgusting facts about this ancient civilization that it will make you wonder why they are praised in the first place. You might just find out that what you thought was cool about the ancient Egyptians is actually a result of something very gross. Here are a few.

1. Too much lice

Too much lice http://www.scooppick.com/10-weird-facts-about-ancient-egypt/

Ever seen any pictures or relics with Egyptians from the ancient world with hair? We have not seen any ourselves so that chances are you have not seen them too. You know why? It is because ancient Egypt had so much body lice that the only viable solution was to shave every hair on the body whether you are a man or woman. It worked since the other remedies had failed horribly.

2. King Tut died erect

King Tut died erect http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/tutankhamun-mask-eight-face-trial-for-knocking-beard-off-iconic-artefact-and-then-trying-to-glue-it-a6830621.html

The remains of King Tutankhamen were discovered by the explorer Howard Carter a few years ago. They had lots of treasure among them a treasure few bother to mention. The great king died with an erection. Some have, however, theorized that it may have been a donation from a well-endowed sympathizer who did not want the king's little winnie to be seen. 

3. Sexual gestures towards women were common

Sexual gestures towards women were common http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2112142/International-Womens-Day-Plans-ban-wolf-whistling-men-saying-darling.html

When women in the ancient Egyptian world passed through streets, it was common for them to be whistled at and even have their garments pulled up. It was a horror for them since it was not as simple as it is today where even a simple look could land you behind bars. It was not a thing to be wondered about since the women were used to the sexual grossness. This trend was uncommon in other traditions however. 

4. Birth control methods were disgusting

Birth control methods were disgusting http://all-that-is-interesting.com/birth-control

In ancient Egypt, the methods of controlling the number of children had were both crude and a plain disgust. For the women, it involved having a mixture of crocodile dung and leaves stuck inside her reproductive organ. The men, on the other hand, would rub onion juice on the foreskin of their penises to stop having children. The methods were simply aimed at making it painful and gross to have and think of sex. 

5. The kings were obese

The kings were obese http://gazettereview.com/2016/06/top-10-fattest-countries-in-world/

When you look at the pictures of the kings of Egypt, you see mostly muscular men who are tall and looking healthy. However, the mummies of the Egyptian kings tell a different story altogether. For someone whose household was always a party from the start of the year to the end, you cannot expect them to be thin and healthy. They simply told the artists to make them look great and attractive. 

6. Beautiful women were decayed before embalming

Beautiful women were decayed before embalming http://www.crystalinks.com/egyptianwomen.html

The norm in the ancient Egyptian culture was to embalm a person as soon as they died to preserve them. However, beautiful women were left to rot for around three days before they could be embalmed. This was a result of a distrust of the embalmers as the family members of the dead thought they could get tempted and thus do the unthinkable with them. Well, it does not get more weird than that. 

7. Laxatives were taken three times each day

Laxatives were taken three times each day http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/amazing-benefits-of-castor-oil/

With lots of wine, beer, cake and meat in their banquets, the Egyptians could easily add on weight. For this reason, they were always on laxatives taken three times each day to get rid of the food they had to eat all day long. Rather than just eating less, they resorted to eat mountains of food then get rid of it through the use of laxatives.

8. They had Shepherds of the Anus

They had Shepherds of the Anus http://newsweak.com/news/tsa-hires-proctologists-to-conduct-airport-security-frisks

Today, we call them proctologists. However, their Egyptian name simply translated to Shepherds of the Anus. This name came about due to the fact that at the early stages of proctology, it was simply about inserting medicine in the backside of the sick person. They heaped praises on their shepherds to such an extent that they compared them to prophets and the medium between man and the gods.

9. They thought men menstruated too

They thought men menstruated too https://www.emaze.com/@ACQRRIQW/Schistosomiasis

In ancient Egypt, the prevalence of schistosomiasis was so common that they thought it was a normal part of life having blood in one's urine and stool. To them, even men menstruated since it was common for blood to come out of the urine. They even got weird enough to say that having blood in one's urine was a sign of fertility in the same way the blood flow in women was a sign of fertility. 

10. Their fertility tests were also weird

Their fertility tests were also weird http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/mothers.htm

Besides the use of menstruation both in men and women, the Egyptian doctors would insert a piece of garlic inside the vagina of a woman then wait till the morning. They would then smell their breath and if the garlic was not in their smell, they were infertile. Take not that they could apply oil on the body then, if by morning the body did not look supple, the lady was infertile. 

Too much lice King Tut died erect Sexual gestures towards women were common Birth control methods were disgusting The kings were obese Beautiful women were decayed before embalming Laxatives were taken three times each day They had Shepherds of the Anus They thought men menstruated too Their fertility tests were also weird