10 Ancient Conquerors Forgotten by History

Most people only remember such names as Alexander the Great when it comes to people who made conquests way back. However, there are other rulers who made the world tremble during their reign. In fact, these rulers could have given Alexander a run for his money were they to meet one on one. The 10 conquerors on this list could be like nothing you have ever heard before.

10. TiglathPileser

TiglathPileser http://www.foliosociety.com/book/NNV/nineveh-and-babylon

This brute of a leader assumed the throne at a time when the Assyrians were slowly becoming weak. He then went on to rule the empire for four decades. During this period, he expanded his kingdom so much it covered the area between the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. He is also famed for having put in place draconian laws that saw him kill humans for sacrifice although such a practice did not exist prior to his ascension to the throne.


GDRT http://www.goafrica.co/2011/07/12/visiting-ancient-ethiopia-in-aksum/

No one knows how to pronounce his actual name and hence people have assumed he was called Gadarat. GDRT was the ruler of the kingdom of Aksum in what is now Ethiopia. GDRT managed to do things others before him had failed to do including conquering and expanding the kingdom of Aksum to the present day country of Yemen and beyond. A lot of the progress he made is still evident today although very little is known about him.

8. Suppiluliuma

Suppiluliuma https://mobile.twitter.com/hititkrali2

He was the powerful emperor of the Hittite Empire. He was among the best conquerors in history having defeated powerful kingdoms such as Mitanni and standing his ground when the Egyptians attacked his kingdom. When the pharaoh in Egypt died without a child, the wife to the Pharaoh asked him to send him his son so that she could make him the king since she was not ready to take on a servant for a king. 

7. Mahapadma

Mahapadma http://viraltop10s.com/10-ancient-conquerors-forgotten-by-history/

Mahapadma was an Indian ruler credited with creating the first large kingdom in this region. Having been born of a barber father, he rose through the ranks and assassinated the king to seize power. He then killed any families he viewed as threats to his power and thus called the destroyer of the princely order. He is little known but worth a mention for his conquests. 

6. Tlacaelel

Tlacaelel http://www.deviantart.com/tag/tlacaelel

This Aztec official never really assumed the throne but was clearly the most powerful man in the kingdom. He advised all the five rulers under his leadership and this saw to a lot of expansion efforts by his kingdom. He is credited with making the Aztec kingdom very strong and thus most of the history around the Aztec kingdom is centered on him. He instituted human sacrifice and died soon after overseeing the sacrifice of at least 20,000 slaves. 

5. AntigonusMonophthalmus

 AntigonusMonophthalmus http://alchetron.com/Antigonus-I-Monophthalmus-741227-W

Antigonus was a general in the army of Alexander the Great. After Alexander died, a war ensued among his generals. While most generals wanted parts of the kingdom Alexander had conquered, Antigonus wanted it all. He thus went on to manipulate his generals killing some and taking everything for himself. However, he lost the war when he faced an army aided by 40 Indian war elephants that he had not prepared for. 

4. Demetrius

Demetrius http://viraltop10s.com/10-ancient-conquerors-forgotten-by-history/

After the chaos that arose out of the death ofAlexander the Great, a lot of leaders arose. One of them was Demetrius whoruled northern Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. His power was furtherexpanded when the Maurya Empire came under his rule. However, given that hisnew kingdom was cut into half by the Hindu Kush Mountains, he was soonassassinated by a governor in the northern part of the empire.

3. Geiseric

Geiseric http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/vandal-empire.html

Geiseric was a Vandal leader who arose at a very difficult time. His little kingdom, made of just 80,000 people, was trapped between the Romans and the Visigoths. He took all his people and attacked North Africa where his people lived till his death in the year 477. He was a feared king who made his people pirates of the Mediterranean. None have lived to the repute Geiseric and his men had. He even stopped all attempts by the Romans to recapture the northern African region he had taken.

2. Toramana

Toramana http://coinindia.com/galleries-toramana.html

The White Huns or Hunainvaded the Gupta Empire just as it was on its deathbed and took the northernpart of India. Their leader, Toramana, was a tactical man who is credited forhaving found a home for his nomadic people. His relationship to Xiongnu ofChina and the Huns of Attila is well documented although it is not clear.Today, the White Huns are no longer recognized as his son quickly lost controlof his father's empire after his death.

1. Tukulti-Ninurta

Tukulti-Ninurta http://alchetron.com/Tukulti-Ninurta-I-953807-W

This was the Assyrian empire from the year 1244 BC and lived to be one of the greatest conquerors of all time. He conquered the Hittites and the Babylonians. He is also remembered for having disgraced the king of the Babylonians by bringing him from the war naked and chained then stepping on him in front of his people. 

TiglathPileser GDRT Suppiluliuma Mahapadma Tlacaelel AntigonusMonophthalmus Demetrius Geiseric Toramana TukultiNinurta